Telephone Voice Promps Messages & IVR

Your audio image is important. Phone contacts are often the first impression people have of your business. If they must hold on the phone, this is your chance to impress them with relevant greetings and telephone hold messages. Callers can be existing clients, future clients, potential customers, and they are all important.

Voice Casting  Voice-Over  Voice-Over Recording

Though it can be convenient and cost effective, don’t let Bob from the copy room record your phone messages. Phone contacts represent a crucial component of a successful business. Whoever you pick will become the voice of your brand. With the help of voice casting, we will find the most suitable voice-over style for your business. We can also handle concept and writing of your phone greetings and hold messages. Let us take care of your hold time for you, and deliver the following professional services:

Voice-over casting
Experienced professionals
Directing & producing
State-of-the-art editing skills
Creative sound-design
Music searches
File management & IVR delivery
Formats Alaw, PCM, ADPCM, etc…

Don’t waste valuable time and use it to your advantage. “Please hold” while we produce the best, most professional sounding telephone hold messages for your business.

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