When they started their Migrate adventure, Laurent and Géraldine had to come up with a name for their new business. They wanted to find something personal that would convey the essence of who they are. You might not know it from this website, but if you give them a call, you will detect an undeniable French accent in our voice. Well, at least Géraldine’s ; )

So, their early brainstorming session was fueled by their French origins.

Considering the fact that the first question most people ask when they meet is “Where are you from?”, they thought the idea of “migration” would be perfect when choosing a name to represent them.

Migrate Design was born.

Not only did it fit their story and personalities, but it also had a fun and perfect homophone: My Great Design. In addition, it could be placed in front of any word! Migrate Production, Migrate Design, Migrate Sound, Migrate Video, Migrate Score… The possibilities are endless!

Migrate Production Revolving Logo

The logo creation came next and they wanted something clean and simple. The “M” of “Migrate” formed by a spiral line evoking the migration from point A to point B, one country to another.

After a few years of doing business as Migrate Design and Migrate Sound, Géraldine and Laurent combined their respective expertise and professional credentials to form a multimedia company, selling professional services under four distinct subdivisions – graphic design, sound, video, and music. There creative means of expression include print, digital, radio, television, social media, P.O.S. and out of home advertising. They are now Migrate Production, Inc. Their business is located in Valencia, a neighborhood of the Santa Clarita Valley. They are servicing local businesses and organizations as well as those in the second-largest urban region in the United States, the greater Los Angeles area.

When you chose Migrate Production for your new business advertising needs, the same collaborative creative process will apply. They ask questions, brainstorm, sketch and deliver products that represent YOU and fit YOUR needs.