Professional graphic design makes a gigantic difference on your overall online identity.

Wine Ponder Logo

4 years ago, Migrate Design came up with a clever and creative logo for Wine Ponder. Wine Ponder is our in-house hobby. It started from a undeniable epicurean passion for the world of wine and food pairing, and evolved into much more than that. Migrate Design has been contributing with their graphic design skills. Each and every article posted on Wine Ponder’s blog contains original artwork, specifically designed with the article’s topic in mind. When done right, artwork along with the perfect amount of SEO grind goes a long way. Wine Ponder is accumulating a whopping 6000 views per month. Sure, we’re quite far from collecting thousands in advertising revenus but it’s a start… And a hobby.

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So if you’re starting a blog and need help with professional graphic design tailored to your needs and products, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are here to make you look good and professional, and grow your web presence.

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