For as long as I can remember, I have always been a doodler : doodles at school, doodles during work meetings, doodles while on the phone… Since I was little I probably have produced pages and pages of circles, lines, squares, alien faces, random words, hearts, stars, spirals and flowers.
Doodling might appear to be a waste of time, a sign of disinterest and disrespect, but it’s actually quite the opposite.


Let me share with you a few scientifically proven benefits of doodling:

It helps you concentrate
Letting your hand and pen go free on paper while listening to someone talk actually allows your mind not to wander off on its own to think about other things or plans in your life. It also prevents your mind from reflecting or think too deeply about what you are hearing. Doodling helps your brain slow down and focus on the present which makes you a more receptive listener.

It improves your memory
It makes sense that if doodling while listening helps you concentrate and assimilate information, you will then retain that information better.

It increases creativity and problem solving abilities
Doodling stimulates parts of your brain that enhance your creativity and help you analyze information differently. It helps you generate new ideas or new solutions to problems.

It relieves stress
Doodling is spontaneous with no pressure to makes mistakes. You doodle because if feels good: wether you find pleasure in the mark-making itself (I personally love the flowing rhythm of my hand and pen drawing organic shapes), in the result of your drawing or in the self-soothing effect of repeating patterns and shapes over and over.

Doodling is a window to clarity, so keep your pen handy and doodle on!