When starting a new business, owners often underestimate the importance of a strong, well thought of logo and identity. This is often due to budget restraint. Some logos are just quickly “thrown together” by the owner himself, a creative family member or a cheap online service. However, once your business is established, you might consider asking the help of a professional designer to update and transform your logo to better reflect what your company is about. A logo makeover is an important part of your success and it should be professionally.

Is your logo design outdated?
Your visual identity is what reflects your business. Nowadays especially, it is the first impression potential customers get of your business when they do online research before even talking to you. If your logo is outdated, it will not stand out in the sea of competitors.

Has your company evolved?
Over the years, businesses change. You might be offering more or different products or services, while using new technologies. Your logo should reflect your evolution and give a more accurate picture of what your business provides. The more appropriate your logo, the better chance you have attracting the right customers.

Is your logo design too complicated?
Some logos, especially the ones “thrown together” without the help of professional designers are often over-designed, making them confusing and too hard to read, understand and remember. In today’s fast paced world, with so many visual stimulation around us, clean lines and simple designs allow for quick and easy recognition.


One of my latest project was a logo makeover for TSP Associates, a financial planning company. The team was very excited to see how this logo update brought the entire visual identity of the company into the 21st century.

If you think your visual identity needs a makeover, I would love to help you update your logo to perfectly represent you!

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