Custom Production

We know your project is important to you, and we are here to help you create and design it. We will accept and meet your requirements. We will work with your budget and always deliver the best product possible. This is why we created “A La Carte Advertising”. We are proud to offer a list of marketing / communication tools, and production services from which you can pick from, and customize your own project structure. We will of course advise you every step of the way and always recommend the best possible choice with your project in mind.

The key to a powerful advertising or promotion campaign is to apply it across multiple platforms. This technique is called omni-channel marketing strategy, also known as collateral advertising. The most effective way to reach your target audiences is to integrate multiple media channels and build a seamless consumer experience across all platforms. We understand this is easily done, though not always feasible. Every project is different and budgets are limited. Let us all customize your project as efficiently as possible.

Custom Production

Consider the following facets of advertising for your next marketing campaign.

Logo Design & Visual Identity
Print Advertising
Business Cards
Digital Integration
Social Media
Custom & Stock Photography
Out Of Home
Novelty Advertising

Voice Over
Radio Advertising
Mix To Picture
Audio Mnemonics
Telephone Hold Messages With Music
Location Recording
Premium Casting

Video 360 & Virtual Reality
High-Resolution Aerial Imagery / Drone Photography
Private Access To A Sound Stage
Animated Graphics & Titles
Stock Footage

Custom Jingle Production
Custom Music Score
Hold Music
Music Search
Music Editing
Library Music Licensing

Send us your project specs and let us customize the smartest advertising and promotion campaign based on your needs and budget with our à la carte advertising menu. Bon appétit ; )