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Migrate Production
Four Divisions • One-Stop Shop • Endless Creative Solutions For All Your Advertising & Communication Needs
Migrate Design
Migrate Design is a full service creative design studio that specializes in the fields of corporate identity, advertising and graphic design. Logos, business cards, brochures, postcards, ads, banners, social media, illustration, photography and more...
Migrate Sound
Migrate Sound is an all inclusive audio post business set-up to provide a wide variety of services to advertising agencies, television networks and television production companies, video game developers and more. Produce, record, edit, mix and more...
Migrate Video
Migrate Video is an all inclusive pre and post-production business. Our services include the creation and production of TV commercials, TV promos, web videos, corporate videos, presentations, documentaries and more...
Migrate Score
Migrate Score is a musical production business, specializing in background music, themes for television programs, custom musical scores for radio and television commercials, web and corporate videos, and more...
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Get me some Bazinga! We just mixed and delivered 24 radio commercials as part of a large episodic radio package for the television show “The big Bang Theory”. In addition to working with our amazing Warner Bros. clients, we got to record the voice of…

Do You Need A Logo Makeover?

When starting a new business, owners often underestimate the importance of a strong, well thought of logo and identity. This is often due to budget restraint. Some logos are just quickly “thrown together” by the owner himself, a creative family member or a cheap…